Benefits of using furniture cover
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Benefits of using furniture cover

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Benefits of using furniture cover

In our painting tools accessories, including paint tools parts, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover, self-adhesive fiber tape, etc., when painting walls, using these accessories to cooperate with each other, can improve the quality and efficiency of our wall painting work, reduce the loss cost.

Furniture cover is a product of whitewashing tools and accessories that conform to the development of The Times. With the improvement of people's living standards, many people will decorate their houses twice, among which the most common way of decoration is to carry out the second wall painting. Furniture cover developed important effect right now, provided protection system for furniture.

Uses of the furniture cover.

The distinction between furniture cover and dustproof cover.

The type of furniture cover.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

(1) The use of furniture cover.

Furniture cover is our house for the second time to paint the absolutely indispensable painting tools accessories. When we put a furnished house for painting, often hairy brush paint flows dripping, splash, cause pollution in our house sofa, tea table, door frames, furniture, generally larger, and paint cleaning extremely difficult, so we must use the furniture cover covers the furniture of the house and do not need to paint the door frame and other goods, Avoid unnecessary wear and tear caused by paint contamination.

(2) The difference between furniture cover and dust cover.

Furniture cover and dust cover are made of very similar materials and to protect other furniture from being polluted in the process of painting, but they are still different. First of all, not all the dust cover is a plastic film or a piece of thick cloth, some construction use of dust cover may be made of silica gel or steel plate, not only can effectively prevent dust pollution, but also to a certain extent play a protective role; Due to the shape and size of the furniture, furniture cover is made of plastic film or special cloth according to the shape of furniture, plasticity is relatively strong, can be covered in the door frame, cabinets, lamps and lanterns and other dust cover is difficult to reach the place, the protection of furniture is more targeted. Secondly, the furniture cover because of its shape for a variety of furniture production, the use of high frequency, not only can be used as wall paint accessories, in daily life can also play a protective role on the furniture is not commonly used.

(3) The type of furniture cover.

Furniture covers are also like other painting tools accessories, there are many different types, we can choose according to their own realistic needs. If we only need to use when painting the walls, no pollution to protect the furniture, can choose furniture made of plastic film cover, the furniture cover joint sex is very high, can be completely wrapped furniture bare area, even on the doorframe, condole ark, is also very good protection effect, and low cost, just plastic film is easy to damage; If we are not only the pursuit of the disposable use, or you need to cover is not easily damaged furniture, can choose the nylon, artificial fiber made of cloth art furniture, the furniture cover, generally according to the shape of furniture design, can cover directly, material thick, not easy to damage, but joint and to furniture corner under the plastic film to protect the degree and the cost is high; If we need to use in daily life, not only need soft fabric, but also need fashionable style, we can choose cotton and linen furniture cover. This kind of furniture cover has the highest cost and good-looking style.

To sum up, the role of furniture cover is to cover the furniture in the paint construction, to prevent paint caused pollution and damage to furniture, we can also choose different kinds of furniture cover according to their own needs.

Our company was established in 1988, starting from a small paint brush factory, after more than 30 years of time, the size of the development until now, we have been committed to the painting tools accessories production during the period of technology research, including the bristle brush paint tools, abrasive paper, the brush also includes a variety of corner, dust cover, furniture cover, etc. Our production technology and product quality have been gradually recognized by the international market. Today, we are not only trying our best to develop our products and technologies, but also trying our best to build a solid and trusting relationship with our customers to provide them with the best products and services.If you want to know more about our quality Paint rollers products, you can contact us at any time.



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