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 Since 1988, we have been producing paint brushes and paint rollers for local and international market. Our group of companies consists of 3 divisions which is the paint brush factory in Zhuang quan village Zhen jiang City, paint rollers factory in Danyang Zhenjiang City, and our own export company in Zhen Jiang City.

Our group of companies started with just a paint brush factory. The paint brush factory was started with just a few family members in year 1988 to produce paint brush for the local Chinese market. After the open policy of China in the 90′s, the factory′s business grew and started to produce for the export OEM market. The factory started to export to the United States of America, Europe, and South East Asia.


Due to the high demand and growth of the paint roller market, the paint roller factory is established in year 2000. During the earlier years, the technology of manufacturing paint rollers is not matured and the finished products do not fit into the international market. Therefore, the production is merely catered to the local Chinese market. However, after further research and developments, with the aid of technology, the productions of paint rollers are finally perfected and the factory started to produce for the export OEM markets in the 2001′s.

Our group of companies are committed to only provide the finest product with the best value of money to our customer and many customers of ours have been working with us for more than 15 years. We built trust amongst our customer by customising suitable paint roller/ paint brushes to suit their target market. Hence, many of our customers started to acquire us in helping them to procure additional painting tools from our trusted suppliers. With the growth of the export market, the export division eventually was established in year 2014 under the company name of Nine Lotus. Nine Lotus is established to tackle each and every specific needs of different international market. our main product including emulsion Paint brushes, natural hair Paint brushes, Paint brushes for household, metal Paint brushes, wood Paint brushes, etc.

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For more information on painting tools, please contact: 

Alina: +86-013861393056


Our Services

pre-sale service


    Pre-sale service:

     Assist customers in product positioning.

     Customize samples according to requirements.


after-sales service


     After-sales service:

      Assist customers look for the economical freight agents.

      Provide all documents as customer’s require.

      Follow up the product arrive and sale and update product at the        first time.





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