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Since 1988, we have been producing paint brushes including mini Paint brushes, commercial Paint brushes, industrial floor Paint brushes, Acrylic Paint brushes, Natural Bristle Paint brushes, priming paint brushes, and paint rollers for local and international market.

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How to customize a suitable paint brush?

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Confirm the size and length of bristle

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Choose the ferrule

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How to customize a suitable paint roller?

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Confirm the size 2”/4”/6”/7”/9”/10”…

Confirm the diameter of the roller

Confirm the length and weight of material

Various Paint Brush application scenarios

Our group of companies are committed to only provide the finest product like Paint brushes for industrial floor, Paint brushes for home with the best value of money to our customer and many customers of ours have been working with us for more than 15 years. Here are more Painting tools accessories application videos about Paint brushes and Paint rollers.
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Our group of companies are committed to only provide the finest product with the best value of money to our customer and many customers of ours have been working with us for more than 15 years.

Why Are We A Professional Team?

Since 1988, 9INE LOTUS has been producing paint brushes and paint rollers for the local and international markets. Our group of companies consists of 3 divisions which are the paint brush factory in Zhuang Quan village Zhen Jiang City, paint rollers factory in Danyang Zhenjiang City, and our own export company in Zhen Jiang City. our main product includes acrylic Paint rollers, wool Paint rollers, metal Paint rollers, and so on.


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Nine Lotus is established to tackle each and every specific needs of different international market.

  Latest Paint Brush News

What is self adhesive fiber tape?

Among the accessories we often use to paint tools, there is a very powerful tool: self-adhesive fiber tape.Self-adhesive fiber tape is less used in daily life, so compared with paint tools, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover and other common painting tools accessories, ordinary people are not

The difference between synthetic brush and other brushes

Paint brush is a traditional labor tool from China. With the continuous development of human society, the industrious and intelligent Han nation has been constantly summing up experience, saving its essence and discard its dross, and slowly produced mane brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush and man

Why do you use paint frames?

‍The paint frame is an indispensable tool for applying paint to walls and other surfaces in everyday building decoration work. Since its introduction, it has been very well received by the market. Why do people choose paint frames? What are the advantages of paint frames? If you have these questions

what is paint frame?

Paint rollers are an effective tool for paint, but paint frame is needed to perform its function. paint frame is a paint application tool that can be reused. Paint rollers and paint frames can be used together to perform the painting work perfectly. Paint rollers need to be installed on the paint fr

What can paint frame be used for?

The paint frame is an essential tool for painting walls and other surfaces in everyday building decoration work. The roller brushes available on the market today usually consist of a brush head, a brush frame and a handle, where the brush head and handle are attached to the two ends of the brush fra

Useful suggestions for choosing paint frame

When using a paint frame, you can make your painting work easier and faster. The paint frame is used with paint rollers to spread your paint smoothly and evenly, so it will not leave brush strokes or other flaws like a brush. paint frame is a good assistant for painting and has received a warm welco

paint bucket vs paint plate

paint buckets and paint plates are the two most common paint application aids on the market. paint buckets are the most traditional containers for paint and have been around for a long time. paint plates were introduced much later, but were a big hit when they were introduced. So, should we choose a

How to choose high-quality oil paint container?

The tray used for paint is an indispensable auxiliary tool when painting walls. Since its launch, it has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of painting and has been welcomed by the public. The trays used for paint on the market are dazzling, which one is the high-quality and suitable tray u

Types of trays used for paint

Painting paint is not an easy task. From brushes to paint containers, you need to spend time choosing the one that suits you best, and painting paint is a very time-consuming and energy-consuming task. But there are many auxiliary tools that can help you and make your painting job easier. For exampl

The difference between trays used for paint

Trays used for paint, as the name suggests, are a tool to assist in the application of paint.It makes your painting job easier. There are two main types of trays used for paint on the market today, the rectangular trays used for paint and the grid trays used for paint, so which trays used for paint

Oil paint container makes your work more convenient

As we all know, painting paint is a matter of time and effort. But the auxiliary tools on the market can make your painting work more convenient. An oil paint container makes your work more convenient. If you don't understand the tray used for paint, it doesn't matter. This article will introduce yo

Types of paint frame

As technology advances, coating tools on the market become more and more useful. When it comes to useful painting tool accessories, paint frames must be mentioned. A paint frame can make the painting effect better and make your painting work easier. But now there are many kinds of paint frames on th

Benefits of using furniture cover

In our painting tools accessories, including paint tools parts, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover, self-adhesive fiber tape, etc., when painting walls, using these accessories to cooperate with each other, can improve the quality and efficiency of our wall painting work, reduce the loss cost

What can the dust cover be used for?

With the improvement of living standards, we have a growing demand for house decoration. House decoration is no longer a one-time project. Many people will re-decorate a part of the house they have lived in for a period of time, such as repainting the walls. This requires us to use the paint tools p

What are the painting tools accessories?

With the rise of living standard, our decoration demand had been transformed from satisfying life need into satisfying an aesthetic need, so the whitewash style of wall is more and more complex and changeful also. We began to pursue different textures, beautiful colors, so let's go into the world of

What is the use of corner brush?

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to paint walls by themselves. On the one hand, they want to have traces of do-it-yourself decoration in their homes. On the other hand, in an era when most things have been modernized, they want to leave the fun of painting walls by themselves. So we need t

How often should you change your paint brush?

Paint brushes are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. For brush makers and professionals in certain fields, bristle brushes, plastic brushes, and synthetic brushes are frequently used in their jobs. How often should they change their paint brushes?There is no strict requirement for the

How to maintain your paint brush?

Nowadays, paint brushes are more and more widely used in our daily life. Not only artisans, but even ordinary people begin to have their own paint brushes to paint walls or other furniture. In life, most people use synthetic brushes or bristle brushes, but many people do not have a systematic unders

Can a special wall brush make wall painting better?

With the development of living conditions, our decoration style requirement has become from satisfying life demand to satisfy aesthetic demand, more and more people choose to whitewash walls, add color for their house.In general, bristle brushes are our first choice when it comes to painting walls,

How to make the synthetic brush work better?

With the development and progress of science and technology, paint brush has been not limited to painting walls and simple cleaning work, more and more technology, and work need to use paint brush. Today, however, the bristle brush has expanded to electronics, medicine, archaeology, aerospace, and o



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