Can a special wall brush make wall painting better?
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Can a special wall brush make wall painting better?

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Can a special wall brush make wall painting better?

With the development of living conditions, our decoration style requirement has become from satisfying life demand to satisfy aesthetic demand, more and more people choose to whitewash walls, add color for their house.

In general, bristle brushes are our first choice when it comes to painting walls, while plastic and synthetic brushes are more often used in other areas. But there are actually many different types of bristles, depending on the material used. According to different wall conditions and paint, choose a special paint brush, can get better results.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Choose a different bristle brush depending on the condition of the wall.

Choose a different bristle brush depending on the paint used.

Select a specific paint brush for a specific paint job.

(1) Choose a different bristle brush according to the condition of the wall.

In the actual painting of walls, the walls will not always be large areas of flat and smooth, we can not only use the most common bristle brush for painting, it will cause uneven, dead corners, smooth parts of the painting quality is not high. If the wall is hollow and raised or there are dead corners, we should choose a smaller detail bristle brush, can be more detailed painting; If the wall painting shape is linear, you need to choose a flat brush, it is more comfortable to use, the lines are more smooth, such as our company's products: Art.No.101; If there are corners that are round or difficult to be covered by paint, we can use a round brush, such as Art.No.102 in our products; If we paint the area around the radiator, we can use a radiator paint brush.

(2) Choose a different bristle brush depending on the paint used.

The normal bristle brush is made from about 5 cm of hair from the back of the pig's neck, but we also have a wool bristle brush and horse bristle brush. If we use emulsion paint of paint for oily coating or painting, we chose to use pig hair bristle brush effect is good, if we use paint is a water-based coating, pig hair bristle brush paint will cause shading, daub is uneven, we need to use a wool bristle brush, wool not only soft, daub is even, the paint and will not leave scratches.

(3) For special painting work, select a specific paint brush.

Special painting work, may include special paint materials, may also refer to the painting of a particular place. First of all, when we use special paints, such as emulsifiers, acrylic paints and other water-based solvents, we need to choose a mixed bristle brush or wool bristle brush. Although the paint distribution of the mixed bristles is slightly worse than that of natural brushes, they have a significantly longer life. In addition, if we paint in a special place, such as the wall near the radiator, we need to use a special radiator paint brush.

Not in any case, the use of a special brush can receive good results, but in special cases, the use of a special brush, can receive better results, but also can improve the efficiency of the work. Plastic brush and synthetic brush in the wall painting work, the application rate is small, daily production work we can only consider the selection of special bristle brush.

Since establishment, our company has been committed to the paint brush and paint roller manufacturing technology research and development, while the modern society, new things emerge in endlessly, synthetic brush and the rapid development of plastic brush, but we don't forget to horizontal development of early bristle brush, our mane brush variety, different sizes, shapes, materials have been adapted to the demand of the international market, Can fully meet the needs of customers in many aspects.If you want to know more about our quality Paint rollers products, you can contact us at any time.



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