Can plastic brushes be used to paint walls?
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Can plastic brushes be used to paint walls?

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For a long time, we will use bristle brush for wall painting work, with the development of modern science and technology, plastic brush because of its diverse functions, low cost, varieties are more and more, so plastic brush can be used to brush the wall?

When making the initial walls, we generally do not use the plastic brush to paint the wall, also do not recommend the use of plastic to protect horn line to lower corner processing difficulty, because of the combination of the plastic and paint uneven, easier than bristle brush to fall off, but with the progress of aesthetic and plastic brush manufacturing technology development, the plastic brush manufacturing materials is more and more rich, Many plastic brushes can be used to paint the walls, so we can use plastic brushes to paint the walls.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

l Why can we use plastic brushes to paint walls?

l Under what circumstances can a plastic brush be used to paint a wall?

l Other use scenarios of plastic brushes.


(1) Why can we use plastic brushes to paint walls?

In general, using the bristle brush when painting the walls, but with the progress of plastic brush production technology, production of plastic raw materials more and more, brush the nylon yarn, polyester fibers, such as synthetic fiber, gradually overcome the old plastic material hard, paint dip in uneven, prone to scratch defect, so the plastic brush can be used for painting the walls. And the plastic brush costs less than the bristle brush, saving money.


(2) Under what circumstances are plastic brushes often used to paint walls?

Although we have produced plastic brushes that can paint walls, the bristle brush is still the most commonly used tool for painting walls in Asian countries. So in what scenarios would we use plastic to paint the walls? First of all, the styles of walls are becoming more and more diverse. Sometimes we need to paint the wall in a creative style. We may use a hard, scratchy plastic brush to create a special style. Secondly, for European and American countries, the most common paint brush when they paint walls is plastic brush, bristle brush is not popular.


(3) Other use scenarios of plastic brushes.

Plastic brushes are not limited to the use of walls. There are many more varieties of plastic brushes than we realize. In our daily life, plastic brush is usually used to clean the kitchen, cabinets, toilets and other serious pollution of the sanitary dead corners, but specifically, the type of plastic silk is divided into three kinds, one is nylon silk, two is polyester silk, three is polypropylene silk, if used to express the abbreviation,PA66, PA610,PA612, PBT and PP, PA stands for nylon, PBT stands for polyester and PP for polypropylene. Different materials of plastic wire have different uses, nylon wire has good temperature resistance, resilience and wear resistance is very good, is a high-end product,PBT has similar properties and nylon wire, but in the price is more advantageous, said PBT wire PA66 and PA612 affordable alternative. And PP wire, temperature resistance is not very good, but acid and alkali resistance, high hardness, low water absorption, and this material can add conductive toner, so often used to do conductive plastic wire, mostly used for brush dredge current.

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