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Different types of paint rollers

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Different types of paint rollers

Using paint rollers can make your painting work easier. This is a fact that many people know. So now there are many types of paint rollers on the market for consumers to choose from. But which paint roller is right for you? If you want to learn about paint rollers, please don't miss this article. I will introduce you to different types of paint rollers.


1. Wool paint rollers

In terms of paint, paint rollers made of wool are suitable for applying emulsions. Compared with paint rollers made of other materials, paint rollers made of wool can absorb more paint and splash less paint, which can save paint. You can choose paint rollers according to the paint.


2. Mohair paint rollers

If your paint is varnish or gloss paint, then paint rollers made of mohair will be a choice you won't regret. paint rollers made of mohair are very soft, and their painting effect is very smooth. Even if your walls are textured, the paint rollers of mohair will cover the original appearance of your walls.


3. Foam paint rollers

Foam is also one of the common paint rollers. Its painting effect is also very smooth, and foam wall brushes are usually cheaper. But foam wall brushes are difficult to clean. If your paint is ordinary latex paint, then I do not recommend you to choose foam paint rollers, because the sponge texture will react with ordinary latex paint and generate bubbles. The bubbles burst during the painting process and orange peel will appear on the wall. The effect is not conducive to the aesthetics of wall painting. So you have to carefully choose the material of paint rollers according to your needs. Because it is relatively cheap and difficult to clean, many people choose to use foam paint rollers to touch up the paint.


4. Synthetic fiber paint rollers

paint rollers made of polyester, nylon or polyester are suitable for a wide range of coatings. Latex, acrylic or oil-based paints can all be painted with synthetic fiber paint rollers, and its painting effect is very smooth. And paint rollers made of polyester fiber, compared with wall brushes made of other materials, are more wear-resistant and not easily damaged.


5. paint rollers of different lengths

From the point of view of the length of the bristles, wall brushes have short, medium and long hairs. Different lengths of bristles have different brushing effects. The hair roller will brush out some fine textures, which are bumpy, similar to the texture effect. After the short hair roller is applied, the paint surface is relatively uniform, smooth, and has no unevenness. Medium wool is somewhere in between.


6. paint rollers of different widths

There are also categories for the width of roller brushes. If you want to paint a large area, we recommend that you choose large-size paint rollers, such as an 18-inch roller, which can help you quickly paint a large area. If you paint a small area, for example, you want to paint on the edge of a window or wall, I recommend 2 to 3 inches of paint rollers. Choosing roller brushes should not only pay attention to their materials, but also pay attention to whether their size is what you need.


The above is all the content of this article, I hope this article can help you have a better understanding of painting tools. We are an experienced manufacturer, and we are able to provide you with quality products, such as paint brushes and brush roller. Welcome to contact us, we will be the choice you will not regret.



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