How often should you change your paint brush?
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How often should you change your paint brush?

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How often should you change your paint brush?

Paint brushes are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. For brush makers and professionals in certain fields, bristle brushes, plastic brushes, and synthetic brushes are frequently used in their jobs. How often should they change their paint brushes?

There is no strict requirement for the replacement cycle of paint brush. Different types of brushes, such as bristle brushes, plastic brushes and paint brushes, have different replacement cycles. The higher the frequency of use, the shorter the replacement cycle, the lower the frequency of use and the longer the replacement cycle.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

When should you replace it with a new bristle brush?

When should you get a new plastic or synthetic brush?

How to make the replacement cycle longer, reduce the cost of buying paint brush.

(1) When should you replace it with a new bristle brush?

In general, bristle brush is widely used in the walls and furniture paint job, for painting workers, bristle brush to use frequency is very high, change cycle is very short, for the average person, bristle brush just when they need to work, change cycle is longer, so for the measure of the bristle brush replacement cycle, we should be determined according to the circumstance of a bristle brush. Bristle brush is produced by using a natural wool brush, its qualitative GangRen but full of flexibility, smooth and anti-static, so when we found a bristle brush short-tempered and disorderly, easily electrostatic, brush the front fork seriously insufficient, elastic, explain this mane brush has been unable to continue to use, we should change a new bristle brush. Therefore, we should often check the condition of our bristle brush, timely replacement, to ensure the quality of work.

(2) When should I replace a new plastic or synthetic brush?

The way plastic brushes and synthetic brushes are made overlaps with their applications, and again, there is no way to measure the exact time it takes to replace a new plastic brush or synthetic brush. Plastic brush and brush made of nylon yarn is made and be become, have hard, wear-resisting, heat resistance, and some special function, so we can check plastic brush and synthetic brush brush wear extent and features, if excessive wear or unable to meet the requirements of features, a jersey that we need to change the new plastic brush brush and synthesis; For the synthetic brush made of artificial fiber, we also need to check the softness of the synthetic brush regularly. If the bristles are found to be too hard and bifurcated seriously, we need to replace a new brush.

(3) How to make the replacement cycle longer, reduce the cost of buying paint brush.

In order to make the paint brush replacement cycle longer, reduce the purchase cost, the most important thing is to do a good job of paint brush care. First of all, we should do as much as possible a paint brush to undertake only one task, do not dip in a variety of paint, also do not carry out a variety of different work, reduce the loss; Secondly, after the use of paint brush, whether it is bristle brush or plastic brush, synthetic brush, we must do clean, dry, safe storage; Finally, when we are using and nursing paint to brush, should understand the professional knowledge that uses and nurse more, avoid to cause an unnecessary loss because of the wrong operation.

To sum up, the paint brush replacement cycle is not in figures on a precise measure, but we need to check the specific situation of paint brush, judge for themselves whether to need to replace the new brush, so we should know the use of paint brush professional knowledge, efforts to reduce the paint brush because of improper use and improper nursing losses, extend the replacement cycle of paint brush.

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