How to clean a paint brush?
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How to clean a paint brush?

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Now a lot of people like themselves with paint brush paint furniture, walls, but after all, most people do not learn professional paint brush maintenance and cleaning, use may result in damage to the paint brush, paint the effect is not ideal, so learning how to clean the paint brush, is the first step we take care of to brush paint, ensure the quality of the paint.

Paint brush cleaning method needs to be decided according to its type, in general, plastic brush and synthesis brush, due to its special material, not bibulous, corrosion resistance, so clean up is simpler, but because the bristle brush is made from pig animal skin of neck and back, and use easy adsorption of paint, so the cleaning process is more complex.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The cleaning steps of the bristle brush.

Tips for cleaning with a bristle brush.

Plastic brush, synthetic brush cleaning.


(1) Cleaning steps of the bristle brush.

To clean the bristle brush, there are several steps to follow. First, remove the paint from the bristle brush and clean it as much as possible. Next, take a pot of water, add some detergent, and soak the bristle brush in the pot for about 20 minutes. Then, find a small comb to comb the paint left on the clean brush wire, and prepare a basin of clean water, soak for ten minutes; Finally: Use a comb and blow dry with a hair dryer.


(2) Tips for cleaning the bristle brush.

① If the paint on the bristle brush is difficult to clean, you can brush the excess paint on the wiping paper, use solvent soak, and then rinse with water.

② If the bristle brush has not been cleaned for a long time and the paint is attached to the bristles, you can use a softener to soak the bristle brush, wait for a few seconds, you can see the paint on the paint brush began to fall off, after shaking off the excess paint, it can be cleaned and dried normally.

③ if the bristle brush has not been cleaned for a long time, the bristles have been dry and hard, you can soak the bristle brush in vinegar for an hour, and check whether it is softened. If not, soak for another 1 hour. Put the bristle brush in a pot and pour in the old vinegar, which must completely cover the bristles. Bring the dilute vinegar to a boil and then put the brush in and cook for a few minutes. Then take out the brush and let it cool. Then brush the bristle brush with a comb and repeat until the paint is brushed away.


(3) Plastic brush, synthetic brush cleaning.

Plastic and synthetic brushes are easier to clean than bristle brushes. Plastic brushes are made of a variety of different chemical materials. For plastic brushes of special materials, there may be special cleaning methods, but most plastic brushes can be cleaned directly by soaking in water due to their water resistance and corrosion resistance. For a synthetic brush made of nylon material, because of its soft material,corrosion resistance, it can be soaked directly in water and is very easy to clean, but for a man-made fiber brush, it also requires the use of special detergent and water, gently clean the bristles of the brush, and then comb dry.

Do a good job of cleaning the paint brush, can ensure that we paint the work of high quality, high efficiency, but also reduce the loss of paint brush, reduce the cost of our work. Therefore, a careful understanding of paint brush cleaning knowledge, is a necessary part of the work.


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