How to maintain your paint brush?
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How to maintain your paint brush?

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How to maintain your paint brush?

Nowadays, paint brushes are more and more widely used in our daily life. Not only artisans, but even ordinary people begin to have their own paint brushes to paint walls or other furniture. In life, most people use synthetic brushes or bristle brushes, but many people do not have a systematic understanding of the use of paint brush matters needing attention and knowledge, can not give paint brush the most appropriate maintenance, so lead to reduce the service life of paint brush.

Paint brush is generally divided into bristle brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush, different paint brush needs to use different maintenance methods. Paint brush maintenance includes cleaning and care for two major parts, only an effective cleaning, coupled with appropriate care, we can make the paint brush as new.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

How to undertake the maintenance of bristle brush?

How to carry out the maintenance of synthetic brush and plastic brush?

Paint brush care tips.

(1) How to maintain the bristle brush?

The bristle brush is the most common paint brush in our daily life and is often used for wall painting and furniture painting work. The bristle brush is made of natural wool. When cleaning, the paint on the brush needs to be pulled down first, and then soaked with solvent. After soaking, a small comb is used to comb the residual paint, and then washed and soaked with water. After cleaning, we need to keep the paint brush in a dry, clean container.

(2) How to carry out the maintenance of plastic brush and synthetic brush.

Plastic brushes and synthetic brushes overlap when referring to brushes made from nylon yarn, but synthetic brushes also include brushes made from man-made fibers. First of all, the plastic brush is relatively easy to clean, because of its hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance and other characteristics, you can directly use water to clean, for special materials and conditions, you can use special lotion cleaning. Synthetic brush made of nylon silk brush, cleaning method can refer to plastic brush, but if the use of chemical fiber, polyester fiber and other man-made fiber made of brush, cleaning should pay attention to the use of special lotion, slowly clean along the direction of the brush, straighten out the brush of the synthetic brush.

(3) Paint brush care tips.

The maintenance of paint brush, the most important thing is to do a good job of cleaning, but we can also understand a few nursing tips, so that paint brush has a better state. First, unused paint brushes must be kept in a clean, dry environment; Second, the bristle brush should first be soaked in the paint brush; Finally, for plastic or synthetic brushes that are used in specific areas, one brush should do only one thing and avoid mixing brush functions to prevent the function of the brush from being affected.

To sum up, the maintenance of paint brush includes cleaning and care and preservation. We need to properly understand the maintenance methods of different kinds of paint brush when using, and complete the cleaning and care of paint brush according to the requirements in order to extend the service life of paint brush and ensure the high quality of the work.

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