How to make the synthetic brush work better?
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How to make the synthetic brush work better?

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How to make the synthetic brush work better?

With the development and progress of science and technology, paint brush has been not limited to painting walls and simple cleaning work, more and more technology, and work need to use paint brush. Today, however, the bristle brush has expanded to electronics, medicine, archaeology, aerospace, and other fields, and the bristle brush material is not suitable for all fields of work, so we need to use a synthetic brush. So how do you get the best out of a composite brush?

To make a synthetic brush work better, we can not only pay attention to high efficiency and high price, but we must also use it in the efficacy, cost, environment are the most appropriate place, and pay attention to care, in order to show the best state of a synthetic brush, make it work better. Suitable is the best.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Choose a synthetic brush with the right material for your field of work.

Choose the right synthetic brush for your area of work budget.

Synthetic brush care work.

(1) According to the situation in the field of work to choose suitable materials for the synthetic brush.

The range of synthetic brushes is much wider than that of plastic brushes, including not only brushes made from nylon silk, but also brushes made from synthetic fibers, polyester lamps, and synthetic fibers. Different raw materials, with different characteristics, for example, synthetic brush made of nylon 6, low cost, but also has the characteristics of hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance, strong recovery, we use this synthetic brush for the production of ordinary requirements, low budget industrial brush, is the best choice; Made of nylon 612 synthetic brush, the cost is higher, in addition to ordinary synthetic brush characteristics, but also has the effect of mildew and antimicrobial, so we put this synthetic brush for technical requirements of higher medicine and electronic technology industry.

(2) According to the budget of the field of work to choose suitable materials for the synthetic brush.

In any field of work, we must consider our economic benefits and ensure that the choice of production tools meets our expectations within the budget. Synthetic brush according to the value of its raw material, process, etc., there is the price, we can through the synthetic assessment need brush need to have the function, and have the function of different prices of products on the market, according to the budget, choose the most suitable synthetic brush, the selected synthetic brush, then can better work, play to their maximum effectiveness.

(3) The care of the synthetic brush.

Unlike bristles and plastic brushes, synthetic brushes need to fall into two categories when it comes to care. First, if it is a synthetic brush made of silica gel and nylon yarn, its material is hard, temperature resistant and wear-resistant, we can directly use water to rinse and keep dry; Second, if the brush is made of rayon silk, we need to use special detergent, slowly wash along the direction of the hair, and finally, blow dry to keep it smooth. Only by taking care of the tools and keeping the synthetic brush clean at all times can we make it work better in every job.

Each composite brush can be selected after the better work, play their maximum effectiveness. We should realize that the appropriate is the best, only we choose the most suitable position for a synthetic brush, and diligent care, it can do a better job.

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