Precautions for using bristle brush
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Precautions for using bristle brush

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Generally speaking, paint brushes include bristle brushes, plastic brushes and synthetic brushes, plastic brushes and synthetic brushes are made from synthetic, unlike the mane need to pay attention to the method of use and care. The bristle brush is made of bristles over 5cm from the neck and back of the pig, so the bristle brush is tough and elastic, resistant to moisture, heat, deformation, and even anti-static.

If you do not pay attention to the requirements of the bristle brush in the process of use, it will often cause a certain degree of damage to the bristle brush, thus affecting the use of the bristle brush effect. For example, when we use our own bristle brush, we often find the phenomenon of hair loss, sometimes may be caused by improper use.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Soak the bristle brush in warm water before use.

Clean and dry the bristle brush after use.

How to reduce bristle brush wear and tear?


(1) The bristle brush should be soaked in warm water before use.

For the newly purchased bristle brush, the brush should be placed in warm water to soak, gently remove some miscellany, so that you can avoid hair loss in the process of use; In the future use of the process, you can first brush in clean water after cleaning, then use, this can prevent the brush bristles fork.


(2) Clean and dry the bristle brush after use.

After use, the bristle brush should be cleaned in time. After cleaning, the bristle brush should be dried and then stored. Do not be exposed to high temperatures, either during cleaning or use, which will affect the bristle brush's service life. In addition, the toughness of the bristle brush is very strong, and it is not easy to deform, and it has good moisture resistance. Sometimes when choosing the bristle brush, we need to choose the corresponding brush products according to the industrial use needs.


(3) How to reduce the loss of bristle brush.

bristle brush is also a high consumable, often need to be replaced, because its price is not high, people are also easy to ignore, so not particularly concerned about, but this situation in the development of the enterprise will increase the cost, so how do we reduce the loss caused by the loss of the bristle brush? The first is to choose a cost-effective,high-quality bristle brush according to different situations, and in the process of use should pay attention to some problems, ensure the correct use and maintenance, reduce the emergence of problems, make it more durable. When we finish using the brush, we should clean it in time. When cleaning, make different cleaning tasks according to the details of the bristle brush.

Generally speaking, the care of hair brush is not complex, there are three steps, it is respectively: soak before use, the standard in use, after use, clean and dry. Each bristle brush user just need to pay more attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the bristle brush, the bristle brush will have a longer service life.


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