The difference between synthetic brush and other brushes
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The difference between synthetic brush and other brushes

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The difference between synthetic brush and other brushes

Paint brush is a traditional labor tool from China. With the continuous development of human society, the industrious and intelligent Han nation has been constantly summing up experience, saving its essence and discard its dross, and slowly produced mane brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush and many other varieties.

Synthetic brush is the product of the development of modern science and technology, which is made of various man-made fibers and special materials. It is different from the early mane brush which is made of natural wool and plastic brush which is made of various plastic filaments. The characteristics of various special materials lead to a variety of special functions of synthetic brush.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The difference between synthetic brush and bristle brush and plastic brush.

The difference between synthetic brush, bristle brush and plastic brush in the application field.

Synthetic brush features.

(1) The difference between synthetic brush, bristle brush and plastic brush.

Mane brush appeared in early society, it is made of natural wool brush, commonly used is pig, horse or sheep neck and back about 5 centimeters of hair made, used for daub paint smooth without trace, but clean nursing more trouble. Plastic brush and synthetic brush is very similar, plastic brush is made of a variety of plastic silk brush, plastic brush generally cost is lower, hard, wear resistance, temperature resistance, strong recovery. Synthetic brushes are bristles made from man-made fibers,

Its material and sometimes plastic brush will overlap, we common synthetic brush silica gel brush, most of the rest is the use of chemical fiber, polyester fiber, nylon yarn made of brush.

(2) The difference between synthetic brush, bristle brush and plastic brush in the field of application.

Mane brush due to its wool smooth, tough, elastic, anti-static and other characteristics, the most commonly used for wall paint, some special wool made of bristle brush can also be used for cleaning, polishing, dust removal and other industries. Plastic brush most of the cost is lower, while the material is hard, wear-resisting, temperature resistance, so the most often used as a family cleaning brush, but if the use of higher value, reliable performance of plastic silk made of plastic brush, can enter the field of medicine, electronics and so on. Due to the wide variety of man-made fibers, synthetic brushes also have a variety of uses. The common silica gel brush has been widely used in ordinary cleaning work, such as the cleaning of keyboard, tools, etc. Other types of synthetic brushes can also be used in archaeology, medicine, hardware, electronics and other fields according to their properties.

(3) The characteristics of the synthetic brush.

The characteristics of the synthetic brush are determined by the properties of the raw materials. The most common silica gel brush in our life has the characteristics of safe and non-toxic, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, soft, easy to clean and so on, so it is used in the food industry; Synthetic brushes made of other artificial fibers, such as nylon 612, not only have the characteristics of ordinary nylon yarn, but also have mildew resistance and antibacterial properties, so the brush wheel and brush strip made of it are often used in food, medical and electronics-related industries. So in general, most of the synthetic brush have ordinary nylon yarn hard, wear resistance, temperature resistance, strong recovery and other characteristics, its special function according to the different artificial fiber changes.

In summary, the synthetic brush is very different from the bristle brush; Synthetic brush and plastic brush have the same in raw materials, characteristics and application fields, but the production of synthetic brush raw materials in addition to the same as the plastic brush nylon and so on, also includes polyester fiber, chemical fiber and other materials, so the synthetic brush and plastic brush can be distinguished by this point.

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