Useful suggestions for choosing paint frame
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Useful suggestions for choosing paint frame

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Useful suggestions for choosing paint frame

When using a paint frame, you can make your painting work easier and faster. The paint frame is used with paint rollers to spread your paint smoothly and evenly, so it will not leave brush strokes or other flaws like a brush. paint frame is a good assistant for painting and has received a warm welcome in the market. However, there are many paint frames on the market. How should consumers choose? This article will give you some useful suggestions.


1. Choose the paint frame according to the size

You can choose the painting tool accessories according to the area you want to paint and paint rollers. The paint frame is available in 9-inch, 2-inch and other sizes for you to choose from. You don't need to worry about the mismatch of paint rollers and paint frames. Under normal circumstances, experienced manufacturers will provide you with the right two.


2. Pay attention to whether the parts of the paint frame are firm

We know that the plastic handle frame is composed of end caps, roller cage, frame, and handle. The brush head and the handle are respectively connected to both ends of the paint frame. You need to carefully check whether the connection points of these parts of the paint frame are firm to avoid accidents during the painting process, which may bring a lot of trouble to your painting work. You need to choose a paint frame with solid parts.


3. Does the paint frame feel good?

Because you need to hold the painting tool accessories all the time during the painting process, the feel of the painting tool accessories is very important. You need to choose a paint frame that will allow you to hold it comfortably for a long time. The brush rod of a good paint frame should be able to closely fit the operator's fingers, and it will not slip easily and will not make you feel uncomfortable. The feel of the plastic handle frame is very important. Don't choose painting tool accessories that will strain your wrist.


4. Does the paint frame have grooves?

If you want to paint the ceiling or high places, then whether the paint frame has grooves is very important to you. Because the groove of the painting tool accessories is used to be inserted into the extension rod, insert the handle, so that your paint rollers can reach the top of the high ceiling or high wall.


5. Scroll the paint frame to see if it is smooth

The scroll function of the paint frame is one of the very important functions. Before using it, you should scroll the painting tool accessories to test whether its rollers can rotate freely. If you find that the roller does not roll so smoothly, or there are squeaking noises when it rolls, don't worry, you can apply some lubricant on the bearings of the paint frame.


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