What are synthetic paint brushes used for?
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What are synthetic paint brushes used for?

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With the development of science and technology, the types of paint brushes are not limited to the early bristle brush and plastic brush, because many special paints or special job needs, we have made a synthetic brush.

There are not many varieties of the bristle brush and plastic brush. In modern society, there are more and more fields that need to use paint brush, such as fiberglass, aerospace, food, archaeology and so on. The emergence of the synthetic brush is to better ensure the high quality of tasks in these fields. Due to the variety of materials and dosage of a synthetic brush, there are many kinds of a synthetic brush. With a little modification of materials and dosage, new advantages and characteristics can be obtained. Therefore, when studying the use of synthetic brush, it is necessary to explain specific objects.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

The use of silica gel synthetic brush.

Use of different types of synthetic brushes.

Applications of synthetic brushes.


(1) The use of silica gel synthetic brush.

Of all the synthetic brushes, silica gel is the closest to our daily life because of its versatility, softness and ease of access. Silica gel brush because of its safety, non-toxic, soft and delicate, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ease to clean and other characteristics, is widely used in the cooking industry, such as barbecue brush oil, pancake brush oil, etc., the use of silica gel brush can save material, while smearing evenly.


(2) The use of different types of synthetic brushes.

In addition to silica gel brush, the synthetic brush also includes artificial fiber brush, namely nylon (PA), PP, PBT, PET, PVC and other plastic silk, these materials because of low production cost, variety of colors, stable quality, length is not limited and so on, in the brush processing is widely used, especially on the industrial brush, These rayon fibers are used much more than natural wool. The common characteristics of synthetic synthetic fiber brush are wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong recovery, hard and high temperature resistance, so it is often used as an industrial brush, dreading current, cleaning special equipment, dipping in special liquids, etc.


(3) The application of synthetic brushes.

Synthetic brushes, like some plastic brushes, can be used in areas that bristle brushes cannot reach due to the nature of their raw materials. For example, the synthetic brush made of nylon 612 dead, low water absorption, excellent recovery and wear resistance, but also has antibacterial and mildew resistance and other characteristics, can be used in food, medical, electronic related industries; After special treatment of some synthetic brush, can also be used in aviation, archaeology and other fields.

The synthetic brush is the product of The Times development and market demand will increase steadily, application field and its wide, stretching to medicine, food, aerospace, microelectronic technology, archaeology, etc, can be used in clean when the good protection of pharmaceutical products, electronic products, historical relics, and antibacterial anti-mildew, long service life, reduce the cost.


Our company since its establishment in 1988 the first paint factory, is committed to building paint technology research, from the early bristle brush, to plastic brush, brush to now a variety of synthesis, we paint manufacturing technology has been used to the demand of the market and the international development, synthetic brush slowly in the modern life have more broad application prospects, We also developed mature synthetic brush manufacturing technology in the process of exploration.



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