What are the advantages of plastic brush?
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What are the advantages of plastic brush?

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Paint brushes have always been an indispensable tool in our daily life, and the work of using paint brushes is not limited to wall painting. In the early stages of social development, paint brushes were mainly made from the neck and back hair of pigs. With the progress of science and technology, there were plastic silk, nylon silk and man-made fiber, and we began to produce plastic brushes and synthetic brushes.

The plastic brush is the product of the collection of plastic wire, composed of a variety of different plastic wire collection, the functional characteristics of plastic brush largely depends on the characteristics of the material used, so when studying the advantages of plastic brush, we need to understand the characteristics of a variety of plastic wire.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Types of plastic brushes.

Advantages of different plastic brushes.

Application of a plastic brush.


(1) The type of plastic brush.

A plastic brush is a paint brush composed of a certain type of plastic wire. Because there are many kinds of plastic wire and each has its own characteristics, the plastic brush also has many different types. For example, PA6 and PA66 are very common plastic wire, its low cost, is also commonly used as the raw material of plastic brush; PA610, PA612 and other plastic wire, the price is more expensive, at the same time all aspects of performance is stronger, commonly used for the production of medical, archaeological, electronic and other aspects of the use of a plastic brush.


(2) The advantages of different plastic brushes.

Since the raw material of plastic brush is a variety of different plastic wire, so when we study the advantages of plastic brush, it is inevitable to start from the study of the advantages of various plastic wire. Made of PA6 plastic brush, strong recovery, wear resistance, temperature resistance are good; And made of PA66 plastic brush, its hardness, recovery, wear resistance are higher than PA6 made of plastic brush, and temperature resistance up to 150 degrees Celsius. PA612 is an excellent nylon yarn, with low water absorption, better recovery and wear resistance than PA66 plastic yarn. Therefore, the plastic brush made of PA612 has the characteristics of anti-mildew and anti-bacteria, and is often used in food, medical and electronics-related industries.


(3) The application of a plastic brush.

Although there are many kinds of plastic brush, the characteristics are different, but it can be noted that most of the plastic brush is hard, wear resistance, temperature resistance, strong recovery and other characteristics, so the plastic brush can be widely used in daily cleaning in life, the production of electronic circuit dredge brush, archaeology, medicine, food and so on a variety of fields. However, the most suitable paint brush for walls is still the bristle brush.

Generally speaking, the plastic brush is the result of the development of modern technology and the development of a variety of plastic filaments. Most of the advantages of the plastic brush are: hard, wear resistance, temperature resistance, strong recovery, and some special plastic brush also has mildew resistance, antibacterial, electrical conductivity and other special advantages, so the emergence of plastic brush to many areas to provide convenient and quick operation tools and skills.


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