What can the dust cover be used for?
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What can the dust cover be used for?

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What can the dust cover be used for?

With the improvement of living standards, we have a growing demand for house decoration. House decoration is no longer a one-time project. Many people will re-decorate a part of the house they have lived in for a period of time, such as repainting the walls. This requires us to use the paint tools parts of the painting tools accessories, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover, self-adhesive fiber tape, and other tools.

When we go on the secondary decoration of the house, especially when conducting walls, inevitably causing the pollution on other furniture in the home, in order to prevent this from happening, we can use painting tools accessories, it contains the dust cover and furniture cover, dust cover can be laid in place without construction, can effectively prevent the pollution.

Types of the dust cover.

The role of the dust cover.

Is it necessary to use the dust cover?

(1) The type of the dust cover.

When we are in the wall paint work, must be equipped with complete painting tools accessories, such as paint tools, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover, self-adhesive fiber tape, and other painting tools accessories, dust cover also has a lot of different types. When we need to protect the ground, tabletop and other large areas of the flat place, we need to choose a flat shape of dust pad; When we need to protect small lamps and lanterns, some fragile items, can choose different sizes of spiral or bowl shaped dust cover. Dust cover can also be divided into many types according to its different materials, such as plastic dust cover, silica gel dust cover, steel plate dust cover and so on.

(2) The role of the dust cover.

Generally speaking, before painting the wall, we need to use abrasive paper in the paint tools to polish the wall, which will produce a lot of dust particles, which will pollute our furniture and the ground, and it is very troublesome to clean up. Therefore, the use of dust cover can reduce the pollution degree of dust particles and facilitate cleaning. When we use the bristle brush or roller brush for wall painting, it is often easy to have paint dripping or splashing to other places, causing serious pollution of our floor and other furniture, it is difficult to clean, so the use of dust cover can protect the floor and furniture from pollution; Some special materials of the dust cover, such as silica gel dust cover, steel dust cover, etc., can prevent us to a certain extent in the process of work due to the fall of paint tool accessories caused by broken fragile furniture.

(3) Dust cover is not necessary to use.

The dust cover is included in our painting tools accessories, but whether we use the dust cover can be decided according to their own decoration. For example, if we are the first time decorate the blank room, there is no floor and furniture in the house, so we can use less or do not use dust cover; If we are doing a secondary renovation, the floor of the house has already been laid, or the furniture has already been placed, we must use the dust cover to keep it sanitary and safe.

To sum up, dust cover is in the process of wall painting for the protection of the surrounding furniture and floor cover, its emergence for our construction safety and health to provide protection, but also make the end of the work more convenient, is an indispensable part of our painting tools accessories.

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