What is a synthetic brush?
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What is a synthetic brush?

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There are many different types of paint brushes that have been widely used by us. The first one was the bristle brush. With the development of society, we have also produced plastic brushes, synthetic brushes and so on according to the needs of modern life.

Synthetic brush including artificial fiber, namely of nylon (PA), PP, PBT, PET, PVC and other plastic wire or made of polyester fiber, chemical fiber, these materials with low production cost, color variety, stable quality and other advantages, is widely used in daily life, especially in industrial production, the use of these synthetic brush than bristle brush.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Types of synthetic brushes.

Synthetic brush features.

Synthetic brush application scene.


(1) The type of synthetic brush.

Synthetic brushes are just a general name and come in many different varieties. First of all, in daily life, we are more common and understand the synthetic brush silica gel brush, silica gel brush because of its soft, easy to clean, safe and non-toxic, high temperature resistance and other advantages, has been deeply into the public life. In addition, the synthetic brush also includes artificial fiber brush, nylon brush, etc., and in the above artificial materials, nylon (PA) usage is large, classification, nylon yarn due to the difference in characteristics, divided into many different types: such as nylon 6(PA6), nylon 66(PA66), nylon 612 and so on, they have a good recovery, temperature resistance and wear resistance.


(2) The characteristics of the synthetic brush.

The synthetic brush is one of the products of the development of modern social science and technology. Some material changes in the synthetic factors can make the overall use of different effects. Therefore, the characteristics of the synthetic brush should be judged according to its specific model. First of all, we are most familiar with the silica gel brush, synthetic materials mainly use silica gel, soft and comfortable, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and non-toxic, anti-fouling and dirty resistance. Next, it is the professional nature of the strong synthetic brush of man-made fiber. A few examples can be given to illustrate its characteristics: nylon 612 has the characteristics of anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, and the brush wheel and brush bar made from it are often used in food, medical and electron-related industries; Nylon 66(PA66): Compared with nylon 6, nylon 66 in the same thread diameter, its hardness, recovery, wear resistance are slightly better, temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius.


(3) The application scene of a synthetic brush.

Technology development power comes from a wide range of market demand, the generation of a synthetic brush, also adapt to the change of market demand. The earliest bristle brushes were not resistant to high temperatures, water, and oil, so they were not suitable for many of our applications. For example, in the barbecue cooking industry, the use of silica gel brush oil, can save raw materials, apply evenly, and silica gel brush non-toxic high temperature resistance, easy to clean; Nylon 612 has the characteristics of anti-mildew and anti-bacteria, and its brush wheel and brush bar are often used in food, medical and electronics related industries. PVC brush wire can be made into a front fork, known as "flowering silk" in the industry, often used in brooms and other household cleaning brushes.


Synthetic brushes, whose bristles have no cuticle and therefore a smooth surface, are less effective at retaining or releasing the properties of the paint, and have little to no difference in elasticity. But also because of their varied material composition and properties, synthetic brushes can be used in situations where a bristle brush box can't be reached by a plastic brush.


Our company was founded in 1988, from a small paint brush factory with only a few family members, now, we have a mature paint brush and paint roller manufacturing technology, and the products have gradually adapted to the demand of the international market, a firm foothold in the world. In the future, we will pay more attention to customer experience, customer service, customer value improvement, to provide customers with the best products and concepts, to achieve a two-way win-win!



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