What is self adhesive fiber tape?
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What is self adhesive fiber tape?

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What is self adhesive fiber tape?

Among the accessories we often use to paint tools, there is a very powerful tool: self-adhesive fiber tape.

Self-adhesive fiber tape is less used in daily life, so compared with paint tools, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover and other common painting tools accessories, ordinary people are not familiar with, so today we will lead you to understand the use of self-adhesive fiber tape.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is self-adhesive fiber tape?

What is the function of self-adhesive fiber tape?

Types of self-adhesive fibrous tape.

(1) What is self-adhesive fiber tape?

Self-adhesive fiber tape is a kind of glass fiber self-adhesive tape, which is made of high quality glass fiber fabric coated with acrylic acid copolymer and cut. Because of its special materials and production methods, self-adhesive fiber tape has the following characteristics: excellent alkalinity resistance, high tensile strength and deformation resistance, excellent self-adhesive, good adhesion, simple and convenient, easy construction and operation.

(2) What is the function of self-adhesive fiber tape?

As a member of our painting tools accessories, self-adhesive fiber tape is often used in the wall construction process. If we find that the wall is cracked and damaged before painting the wall, we can use self-adhesive fiber tape to repair it. If we paint wet position, relatively easy to crack the wall, affixed with self-adhesive fiber tape, can effectively prevent the wall cracking; If we paint after the end of the painting, paint cracking, wall cracking, can use self-adhesive fiber tape for repair.

(3) The type of self-adhesive fiber tape.

Self-adhesive fiber tape with paint tools, corner brushes, dust cover and furniture cover, a wide variety of rich varieties. According to our demand for performance, self-adhesive fiber tape can be divided into waterproof and non-waterproof self-adhesive fiber tape. For example, if we repair the wall on the roof, bathroom, kitchen and other locations, we must choose waterproof type. According to the shape characteristics of self-adhesive fiber tape can be divided into glass cloth fiber tape, mesh fiber tape, color fiber tape and double-sided fiber tape. Generally speaking, double-sided self-adhesive fiber tape is often used in the repair of wall cracks, and colored self-adhesive fiber tape is generally used in the repair of colored walls.

To sum up, the viscose fiber tape is a very powerful tool accessories, painting because it has excellent alkali resistance, high strength of tensile force and deformation resistance, good self-adhesive, good submissive sexual features, such as to ensure the function of it on the wall repair strong, often used to repair the dry wall, plasterboard juncture, all kinds of wall cracks and other metope damaged.

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