What is the best paint brush for walls?
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What is the best paint brush for walls?

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Paint brush has become one of the indispensable tools in our daily life, we can roughly divide the paint brush into bristle brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush three categories, they have different characteristics, can be applied to different fields.

The original purpose of the paint brush was to paint the walls. At first, we only needed to use the paint brush to fill in the smooth and uneven concrete walls, but today, the painting of the walls is the most important part of the decoration process, and the bristle brush has also come into our research.

Here is the content list:

Why is a bristle brush the best paint brush for walls?

What are the differences between different bristle brushes in painting the walls?

How is the bristle brush cleaned after painting the walls?


(1) Why is the bristle brush the best paint brush for walls?

As paint brush manufacturing technology has improved, we have produced many different types of paint brushes, but we have always used bristle brushes to paint walls. The bristle brush is made from about 5cm of hair from the neck or back of the pig. It is rigid, elastic, durable and has excellent water resistance. It also protects against static electricity. This bristle brush paints walls evenly and is not prone to scratches.

(2) What is the difference between the bristle brush and the plastic brushthe synthetic brush in painting the walls?

Bristle brush has the characteristic such as rigid, elastic, smooth, water resistance, color is uniform when brushing whitewash wall with mane hair, prevent static electricity, paint is not easy caking, it is whitewash wall best choice. Plastic brush and synthetic brush are characterized by hard material and poor elasticity. If used for painting the wall, it is not only impossible to evenly dip the paint, easy to caking, but also easy to leave scratches on the wall.

(3) How to clean the bristle brush after painting the wall?

Because bristle brushes are made from pig neck and back hair, the cleaning and care can be more cumbersome than synthetic and plastic brushes. After brushing the bristle brush, we need to use a tool to roughly clean the paint on the bristle brush, and then soak the bristle brush in a special cleaning agent. After soaking, clean the residual paint with a small comb, then rinse and soak with water, and finally dry the bristle brush with a hair dryer. The cleaning care of the bristle brush is very important, it does not do this job well, the bristle is easy to brush fork, hairless, affect the effect of wall painting.

To sum up, the bristle brush is the most suitable for a wall paint brush, its toughness, elasticity, anti-static advantages, to provide us with the quality of the paint. While different bristles are suitable for different types of paint, we must pay attention to the type of paint when painting.


For a long time, we always pay attention to the development of the paint brush manufacturing technology, in today's era of rapid development of science and technology, plastic brush and synthesis in the market share of the demand and gradually increase, but the walls are now the family is decorated is indispensable to one ring, so we won't relax mane brush research breakthrough, makes every effort to catch up with the tide of international development at the same time, Pay attention to the most basic needs of customers, to give customers the most intimate products and services.




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