What is the use of corner brush?
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What is the use of corner brush?

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What is the use of corner brush?

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to paint walls by themselves. On the one hand, they want to have traces of do-it-yourself decoration in their homes. On the other hand, in an era when most things have been modernized, they want to leave the fun of painting walls by themselves. So we need to introduce to you some knowledge about painting tools accessories.

Painting tools accessories include paint tools parts, corner brush, dust cover, furniture cover, self-adhesive fiber tape, etc. Each of them plays an indispensable role in wall painting. The existence of the corner brush, for our wall painting work, provides detail assurance.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What kind of corner brush?

What's a corner brush for?

Corner brush cleaning and care.

(1) What kinds of corner brushes are there?

In general, corner brush in wall painting has belonged to a smaller category, but still can be the corner brush subdivision. Corner brush according to the shape of the wall corner and the situation, can be divided into the round brush, flat brush, detail brush, and the width and size of the corner brush also have a variety of choices, the same shape of the corner brush can have a number of different width and size of the extension.

(2) What is the corner brush used for?

The use of the corner brush is different from that of the mane brush and roller brush used in ordinary stucco work and is not used to paint large areas of the wall. When we encountered difficulty reaching the dead corners in painting the walls, we could use a small model of corner brush to complete the task; If we paint the wall with special shape requirements, such as round, we need to use a round brush to paint the edges, such as straight line, we need to use a flat brush to paint the edges; When we have finished painting the walls and need to add a second layer of details, we can use a smaller corner brush to do the work.

(3) corner brush cleaning and care.

Corner brush while in use is different from other painting tools accessories, also is different from the ordinary paint tools, but most of the corner of the brush and bristle brush, are produced by using natural wool, to extend the corner so we brush replacement cycle, ensure the quality of its work, also need to be the necessary cleaning and care. First of all, the corner brush at the end of the work need to use professional solvent soak, when the paint on the brush clean, then soak with water, rinse clean after drying to keep dry. Secondly, we should put the corner brush in a dry, clean container, and ensure that a corner brush as far as possible only the same type of work, to avoid excessive loss.

Brush the place on put together is narrated, corner, though not like the bristle brush, roller brush, paint tools, responsible for the large painting, but the corner brush for painting the wall corner, edge shape, the details the role of nots allow to ignore, a perfect wall paint, not lack of corner brush to detail filling and for the shape of the outline.

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