What kind of brush do you use to paint furniture?
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What kind of brush do you use to paint furniture?

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With the development of life, our decoration style gradually diversified, our furniture is slowly no longer monotonous, with a variety of colors. The diversification of color on furniture makes our paint brush, had more use-the whitewash of furniture.

The shape of the furniture is more changeable than the wall, there are more folds, turns, more patterns, and even a lot of color splicing; The material of furniture is varied also, woodiness, stone, glass, acrylic, ceramic tile and so on, so when whitewashing furniture, also need bristle brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush to cooperate with each other, just can ensure the quality.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Choose a paint brush according to the type of paint.

Choose paint brush according to furniture material.

Select the paint brush according to the position of the brush.


(1) According to the type of paint to choose paint brush.

There are many different kinds of paint, and when we paint furniture, we can choose the right paint for the different furniture. For example, when painting solid wood furniture, we have to varnish and oily paint two choices, different paint needs to use the paint brush of different material. If we choose varnish, you may need to use more soft wool bristle brush, if we choose to paint, you need to use a normal bristle brush, some craftsmen, also can use a plastic brush of elastic silk color for solid wood furniture, because the spring wire brush paint absorption quantity is little, not easy to agglomerate, won't produce particles and trace, smear evenly.


(2) According to the furniture material selection of paint brush.

As society develops, furniture has a kind of solid wood only not only, the furniture of different material make it is more and more, such as wood, man-made board, marble and so on. Generally speaking, marble does not need painting. If it is solid wood furniture, generally use a bristle brush for painting; If it is wood-based furniture, such as wardrobes, cabinets, etc., with large areas of flat panels, you can use a roller brush, other cases also use bristle brush.


(3) Choose the paint brush according to the position of the brush.

The shape of the furniture is diverse, with many turns, patterns, dead corners, etc., which requires us to paint different places, use different sizes, the shape of the brush. For example, when we paint the circular pattern on the furniture, it is easy to continue to use a flat brush to paint the circular boundary, so we need to change the circular brush to finish the circular painting smoothly. When we get to the bottom of the furniture, where the big brush can't touch it, we need to switch to smaller details to cover all the areas.

Compared with painting walls, painting furniture is a work that pays more attention to details, with more shape changes, color splicing and dead space, which requires us to change different paint brushes to solve the problems. Therefore, to paint furniture well, it needs to be based on different materials, different shapes and different paints. Get a bristle brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush and other paint brushes ready.


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