Which paint brushes for what?
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Which paint brushes for what?

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When we think of paint brushes, we think of a lot of different materials, different types of brushes, different types of brushes for different types of jobs. We can put the paint brush according to the use of different materials roughly divided into three kinds: bristle brush, plastic brush, synthetic brush; Of course, according to its shape characteristics to points, can also be divided into the round brush, flat brush,wall brush,angle brush etc.

In the face of different types of surface, different quantities of work, paint brush is not alone man, is not the most expensive material paint brush is the best, we need to adapt to The Times to choose the appropriate paint brush to work, in order to ensure the efficiency and quality of work.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Use of the bristle brush.

Use of the plastic brush.

Use of the synthetic brush.


1Use of the bristle brush.

The bristle is characterized by a rough, rigid, elastic surface, and is resistant to deformation, moisture, and heat and cold. So the bristle brush can be used with all the paints on the market, mostly for wall painting, or with latex paint that is strong and durable and easy to clean.


(2)Use of the plastic brush.

Plastic wire, plastic wire is formed by extrusion and stretching, in order to improve the performance of monofilament, will also add a variety of auxiliary materials in the polymer compound, such as fillers, plasticizer, lubricant, stabilizer, pigment agent, antistatic agent and negative ion powder. So the plastic brush has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong recovery, good durability and so on. So a plastic brush can be used as an electric brush to dredge the current; Or make everyday cleaning brushes, such as shoe brushes; It can also be used to make other softer brushes.


3Use of the synthetic brush.

synthetic brush mainly refers to silica gel brush, artificial fiber brush, etc.synthetic fiber strength is low, water resistance, oil resistance, no smell, low cost, often used in the production of an ordinary chemical fiber paint brush, chemical fiber roller brush, etc., the price is low.


In general, the paint brushes made of different materials have their own characteristics. The bristle brush is used for smooth wall painting and anti-static; Plastic brush variety, a wide range of uses; synthetic brush cost is lower, more used in daily life.


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